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Food & Agricultural – Related Packaging

Packaging solutions for the food and agriculture industry must meet the highest standards of quality while offering the lowest price to reduce overall packaging and delivery costs. Every cent extra that is spent on packaging could drive the cost of food up, and as we all know, the cost of food is one of the major drivers of economic inflation.

At ProtecPac, we offer custom protective and cushion packaging solutions for food- and agricultural-related products that can also help your bottom line. While there are a variety of packaging options available for the food- and agricultural-related products, below are some of the custom-designed packaging solutions we have created:

  • Custom foam sheeting used as cushion packaging for canned or barreled products
  • Foam trays that are custom-engineered for different types of produce
  • Custom corrugated boxes for pre-bagged or prepackaged food products


To learn more about the custom food- and agricultural-related packaging solutions we offer, contact our team today.