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Protective & Cushion Packaging

ProtecPac offers a variety of protective and cushion packaging solutions for an array of industries. Our custom protective and cushion packaging products range from foam, paper and pulp cushion packaging to the corrugated containers used to ship products.

Cushion Foams

ProtecPac foam products are ideal for protecting high-value, fragile products, as well as heavy-duty applications. They are a highly flexible option available in a wide range of densities and colors for your specific needs. The foams we work with also have inherent anti-static properties that can benefit customers who need to package sensitive electronics.

Cushion foams that our team can use to create your custom cushion packaging solutions include:

Crosslinked/XLPE foam

Cross-linked polyethylene foams, or XLPE foams, are an effective solution for high-impact packaging. They feature chemically cross-linked materials and a micro-cellular structure that has a smooth surface, excellent shock absorption, and chemical- and water-resistant properties. The impact and resistant properties of cross-linked polyethylene foam makes it suitable for reusable and returnable packaging, which helps increase sustainability.

Beaded EPE/EPP foam

Beaded expanded polyethylene (EPE) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) foams are a great choice for many cushion packaging applications. These products can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are very lightweight with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. These foams are also resistant to water and chemicals as well as being nonabrasive, which is ideal for products that have Class A surfaces. Both EPE and EPP foams are recyclable, and support sustainability efforts.

Protective Packaging

Polyurethane foam

This cushion foam has excellent shock absorbing qualities as well as the ability to quickly recover its original shape. It can be die-cut and heat sealed to form itself around any shape, and is resistant to water and chemicals.

Polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam

This foam type has properties that are similar to polyurethane foam while also being more cost efficient. This efficiency comes from the fact that polyethylene foam products are recyclable and reusable, which makes them a highly sustainable cushion packaging option.

ProtecPac can design and manufacture a huge variety of custom cushion packaging solutions using the cushion foams we offer. A few of the solutions we’ve created using these materials are:

  • End caps
  • Top and bottom cushion packaging
  • Bracing and blocking packaging
  • Foam sheeting
  • Die-cut trays for food-related applications


Ready to find out more about the custom cushion packaging solutions ProtecPac can create for your business? Contact us today and speak to one of our packaging experts.

Paper, Pulp & Corrugated Cushioning

Foam isn’t the only type of cushion packaging solution we offer at ProtecPac. We also offer a range of custom designed and produced paper, paper pulp, and corrugated cushion packaging that can be used to cushion and brace products against shocks and vibration. Our paper products can be made with recycled materials, while molded pulp products are all made from recycled materials. Our corrugated products are recyclable. This helps make these three types of cushion packaging a highly sustainable cushion packaging option.

Some of the custom paper, molded paper pulp, and corrugated solutions ProtecPac can design and manufacture include:

  • Void fill solutions
  • Molded trays for consumer and agricultural products
  • Die-cut corrugated inserts
  • End caps
  • Top and bottom cushion packaging
  • Corrugated bracing and blocking


Automotive Packaging Solutions

Custom dividers

If you need to ship multiple items in one container, your products may benefit from the custom dividers our team offers. We can design and build dividers of all shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and configurations as part of your custom solution. Our team can also build your custom dividers from a wide range of materials.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the custom dividers we can create for you.