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Who We Serve

Advancing packaging solutions for your advancing industry

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over decades of providing packaging products, it’s that things change. Industries advance. Issues and consumer preferences shift. Which means our packaging solutions must also advance to protect the products that are moving our society forward. We have dedicated our team to being agile and knowledgeable, allowing us to meet the needs of each industry as they evolve in packaging material, production time and sustainable design.

We aim to truly be a partner with each of our customers — to understand the needs of their industry and the trends and challenges facing protective packaging. This approach allows us to be proactive about the solutions we put forward for their packaging needs. We shift when they shift and hold steady when they need stability. We have withstood supply chain demands, economic changes, and industry standard shifts, and our partners have come out stronger for it.

Below are the industries we commonly work with, but they are not the only industries we partner with. If you are in a different industry but are in need of a packaging solution, please contact our team today for more information.



Consumer products

Consumer & Commercial-Related Electronics

Food & Agricultural Related Products

Medical Devices