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Consumer & Commercial-Related Electronics

At ProtecPac, we can provide the total packaging solution for electronics sensitive to shock, vibration and electrostatic discharges (ESDs). While not all electronic products require ESD protection, we do offer a comprehensive range of ESD products for packaging consumer and commercial electronics, including:

  • Conductive and dissipative cardboard
  • Anti-static polyethylene foam
  • Conductive, dissipative and anti-static corrugated plastic

Custom-designed electronics packaging solutions we can provide include:

  • Returnable bins manufactured from plastic, foam or corrugated and custom-designed for specific electronic products
  • Custom end cap assemblies, boxes, and other protective and cushioning packaging for personal and business computers
  • Crating and pallets for large electronics like data center servers that are custom engineered


To learn more about the packaging solutions we offer for consumer and commercial-related electronics, contact our team at ProtecPac today.