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Protecting products. Protecting brands.

Your reputation depends on the quality of your product. The quality of your product largely depends on how well it is protected. That’s where we come in.

ProtecPac is the culmination of decades of experience in delivering the highest industry standards in packaging solutions. The innovative solutions and combined expertise of indusPac, Specialized Packing Solutions (SPS) and Packaging Specialists Inc (PSI), and Canyon State Box and Container are now available to the industry under the umbrella of ProtecPac. By partnering with the ProtecPac brand, businesses can now meet more of their packaging needs than ever without relying on multiple suppliers.

Quality, custom solutions are the cornerstone of our business model. New challenges in the packaging industry call for new solutions, and no one is more prepared and willing to adapt to the changing landscape of packaging and shipping than ProtecPac.

What we believe

We believe in sustainable innovation. With our customers continually creating new products and industries advancing, we have devoted our business model to being agile — able to shift with our customers to meet their packaging needs without interrupting the supply chain.

We believe in flexibility. Not all packaging solutions fit inside the box, so to speak. Our team of in-house and on-site designers regularly creates custom packaging solutions to meet the production needs of our customers, while keeping cost and environmental impact at a minimum.

We believe in being true partners. From design to finished product, we provide the highest-value custom packaging solutions with proven quality assurance testing. We help reduce cost and material waste, which translates to more competitive bids and pricing for our customers.

We also believe in the future generations. ProtecPac has dedicated years to reducing our environmental impact and creating a more sustainable packaging solution for companies.


Why did Induspac, SPS, Canyon State Box & Container and PSI changing brand names to ProtecPac?
In December 2020, Specialized Packaging Group (SPG) was acquired by Altamont Capital. This partnership empowered SPG to implement an ambitious growth strategy that has included enhancements and additions to SPG’s product offerings, footprint expansion, and additional acquisitions.

While we’re thankful for the growth we’ve experienced, we recognize that growth has also left many of us within the SPG family of companies feeling disjointed from other lines of business that carry a different name but fall under our umbrella.

To truly unify our company, we’re implementing a rebrand across all business lines. In addition to the transition of Induspac, PSI and SPS into the ProtecPac brand, you’ll soon notice a new logo for SPG, IVEX and PCD.

It’s important we stress that the only change you’ll experience is an update to the look and feel of our collective branding. We feel that these subtle changes better reflect our values and represent unity and cohesion across all business lines.

Will the legal entity names and Tax ID numbers change?
No, the legal entity names and tax identification numbers will remain unchanged so as not to disrupt operations. This is important to note for communication with customers and vendors who may ask for a revised PO or agreement. The only change that will be made is to the DBA (doing business as) name to ProtecPac. You will still see the existing legal corporate entity names on pay stubs, invoices, statements, and other legal agreements.
Can I see a sample of the product before I purchase?
Yes, we house CAD/CAM prototype equipment at each of our locations to provide you with rapid samples for quick-turn custom projects.

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