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Corrugated Packaging

The packaging designers and fabricators at ProtecPac fully understand the capabilities and benefits of corrugated packaging. This in-depth understanding helps our team customize and construct material-agnostic corrugated packaging solutions for many different industries. Here are a few of the custom corrugated packaging products our team can offer:

Flexo printing for corrugated packaging

Having your company’s logo flexo printed on your corrugated packaging can benefit your company and your brand. ProtecPac offers flexo printing capabilities that allow you to add basic custom-printed logos and text on the exterior of your packaging. These capabilities allow us to include flexo printing into the manufacturing process for all our custom-designed corrugated packaging.

Find out more about ProtecPac’s flexo printing services today.

Plastic corrugated returnable containers

Looking to reduce waste and make your protective packaging more sustainable? Our plastic corrugated returnable containers can help you meet these challenges. Our containers are custom-designed and built to your individual specifications. The containers we offer are created from durable corrugated plastic in various thicknesses that allow you to reuse them again and again.

Contact our protective packaging experts today to learn more about the plastic returnable containers we offer.

Coated and laminated corrugated packaging

The finish of your packaging is often just as important as their design or the materials from which they are made. The presentation of your product begins with the customer’s interaction with the packaging, and their perception of it can influence their opinion of its contents. We offer paper with a wide range of protective coatings and laminations to prevent scuffing, abraision and to reduce dust particles from accumulating.

Connect with our team to find out more about the coated and laminated corrugated packaging solutions we can create for you.