3 Ways to Cube Out Packaging and Reduce Costs

Achieving optimal cube utilization, also known as “cubing out,” is a vital aspect of streamlining shipping and storage while minimizing freight costs. Yet, the key to success extends beyond just organizing products effectively. Cube utilization starts with thoughtful packaging design, both inside and outside the package. Here are three crucial strategies to help you achieve 100% cube utilization.

Enlist the help of packaging design experts

Empty spaces between packages are not just a logistical headache; they’re also an inefficient use of resources. This is particularly true for specific pallets and crates. To maximize efficiency, it’s best to collaborate with a packaging design specialist. They possess the expertise to navigate factors like packaging size, compression strength, stackability, and reusability. An optimized design will accommodate more products within a package and fit more packages into various shipping containers, whether it’s trucks, sea crates, or the curved confines of air cargo containers. Packaging design firms have the added advantage of rigorously testing their designs to ensure the most efficient solutions.

Optimize your supply chain

Packaging should be viewed as more than just a container; it should function as an entire packaging system. Ensuring that your packaging system remains efficient throughout the entire supply chain will impact your ability to achieve optimal cube utilization. When you engage with your packaging firm, they should conduct a comprehensive plant audit and develop packaging solutions that enhance the flow of your entire operation.

Don’t forget sustainable packaging

Whenever feasible, consider implementing reusable packaging solutions that make financial sense. Sustainable packaging inherently contributes to supply chain efficiency. Reduced materials in your packaging translate to lower expenses, fewer disposal processes and increased cube utilization. Additionally, having the appropriate cushioning within the packaging can minimize the need for materials in general and reduce dunnage waste. By using fewer resources, minimizing waste, and creating lighter packaging, you not only save costs but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

At ProtecPac, we boast extensive experience in crafting packaging solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and transform their supply chains. If you’re interested in partnering with us to optimize your supply chain through expert packaging design, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are eager to assist you in improving your bottom line!